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Vitinho is a football player for Botafogo. Or was. He just signed for CSKA Moscow. Which makes him an idiot.

Vitinho is 18 and could have gone to Porto, the Portuguese club that also reportedly tried to sign him. At Porto, he would speak the language, enjoy an amenable climate almost all year round, play for a club that has a reputation for bringing on young players, and be close to his family in Brazil. And he would earn a fortune.

Instead, he chose to go to Russia. He will earn a fortune there too but the sub-zero temperatures will make him miserable, he will never learn the language, and he will be a long, long way from home, in every sense.

Moreover, if he had chosen Porto they might have allowed him to stay with Botafogo until the end of the season and help the club keep up its title challenge.

Instead, Botafogo fans hate him; some have already daubed the walls of the club with insults. Every time he comes home to Rio he will be looking over his shoulder.

Vitinho is an idiot.

Still, why would he decide to go to Moscow rather than Porto? At either club he would be richer than he could ever have imagined. But his life at one would be infinitely better than at the other. What advice did he get from his parents? What did his advisers tell him? How much did they make from the deal?

We’ll probably never know the answers. But we do know one thing: Vitinho is an idiot.



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