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If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a whole political biography can be rewritten by the photo on the  left.

Specifically, the biography of Lula and the Workers’ Party.

Their decision to join forces with Paulo Maluf is incomprehensible for a party that was once an oasis of ethics in Brazil’s political desert.

See Folha’s report on the alliance here and Estado de S. Paulo’s piece here. (Both in Portuguese.)

Maluf, the former SP mayor who is the personification of Brazil’s nefarious politics, boasts he has never been convicted of a crime but that is more down to Brazil’s political and judicial system than anything else. He cannot leave the country because he is wanted by Interpol for money laundering and other crimes.

Ask any Brazilian to name a corrupt politician and the chances are they will answer: “Paulo Maluf.”

The PT’s decision to form an alliance with him is the most graphic illustration of how the the party and its leader have give up any pretense to uphold ethics or ideology.

That’s heart-breakingly sad. For decades, the PT boasted that when and if it took power it would do things differently.

It hasn’t. And the alliance with Maluf is a sad confirmation of its demise.

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