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Hacking has been in the news recently, with hackers, or crackers, as they supposedly call themselves, taking down a number of Brazilian sites last week, including many run by the federal government.

(See my blog in today’s Christian Science Monitor.)

Adding an extra spice to the issue was a report in yesterday’s Folha de S. Paulo newspaper saying a 21-year old hacker accessed hundreds of Dilma Rousseff’s emails while she was campaigning to become president.

That led the country’s Science and Technology Minister to try and co-opt Brazilian hackers.

Aloizio Mercadante called on hackers to join his ministry’s programmers today and help them solve internal bugs. He dubbed July 1 Hackers Day.

Nice try. But it ain’t going to work.

If Mercadante really wants to get a message across (and this goes for government and private enterprise alike) he could start by concentrating on the basics.

His ministry’s own site didn’t mention his much reported call to hackers.

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