20130605_141519My name is Andrew Downie and I am a foreign correspondent based in Brazil.

I write about the country for a host of publications including Time magazine, The Financial Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and The New York Times.

I have worked for Monocle, GQ, Esquire, and was, until recent budget cuts, the South America correspondent for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

I have also done some commercial work, reporting and writing for foreign investors who promote the state of Goias.

My main gig these days writing about sports and sports-related business stories for the Reuters news agency.

The purpose of this blog is to comments on the stories that I have been writing about from Brazil and draw attention to others. Although Brazil is becoming increasingly important and influential, the level of interest in South America’s largest nation is not huge and newspapers simply don’t have the budget to cover it properly. Yet there is so much happening and so many stories to be told.

The idea is to call attention to some of these stories, as well as highlight some of the unusual and entertaining stories that make Brazil such a unique place.

It’s also a way for me to write about issues and stories that I feel strongly about.