I’ve always loved the noise of a football crowd when a goal goes in. There’s something visceral and emotional about that roar, it’s a release like none other.

That’s one of the reasons I absolutely love this video about Sport’s campaign to boost the number of organ donors in Pernambuco, where the club plays its home games. The emotion of the crowd at the start of the clip is a thing to behold.

That emotion is nothing when compared to what comes next. Sport fans awaiting transplants guarantee their future donors that their passion for the club will live on after they die.

“I promise your eyes will keep on watching Sport,” says Adriano dos Santos, a fan awaiting new corneas.

“Your lungs will keep on breathing for Sport,” says Luiz Antonio, a fan awaiting a lung transplant.

And “I promise your heart will keep on beating for Sport,” says Marleide dos Santos, who is awaiting a new heart.

It’s such a simple and yet brilliant idea and it has led 57,000 Sport fans to register as organ donors. Enough of them, in fact, that the waiting list for heart and cornea transplants in Pernambuco state has been cut to precisely zero.

More clubs should join up.