The Confederations Cup is less than a week away and preparations have been fraught, to say the least.

Only two of the stadiums were delivered on time and some of the others are still less than finished. The delivery of tickets has been chaotic. And huge question marks remain over airports and public transport.

But in the parallel world of Brazil’s Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo, a man who thinks public transport in London is as problematic as in Brazil, the preparations have been just hunky dory.

“I’d give us a nine (out of 10),” Rebelo said on a conference call with foreign media yesterday. “We’ve been able to deliver all the stadiums but we could have delivered them sooner to allow for the realisation of more test events.

“Apart from that, all the requirements were executed in accordance with expectations.”

Lord knows what mark he’d give himself for World Cup planning. Time will tell….