Rafael-ScheidtAsk any Scottish football fan about Rafael Scheidt and you’ll get a guffaw, a roll of the eyes or a shake of the head.

Or all three.

Scheidt signed for Celtic from Gremio for around 4.8 million pounds in 1999. He had three full Brazilian caps but he more than lived up to his name.

Scheidt by name, shite by nature, as anyone who saw him play, might say.

The Observer Football Monthly rated him the second biggest waste of money in football history. The Celtic Wiki page said he was arguably the worst signing in the history of the club. One team mate reportedly said, “he couldn’t trap a bag of cement.”

leomarI thought of poor old Rafael yesterday when I wrote this piece about Leomar (left), a midfielder who was allegedly called into the Brazil squad in 2001 in return for a bribe.

The president of northeastern club Sport said he paid to get Leomar a call up in 2001 and an investigation has been launched.

The idea was that players who can say they are worthy of wearing the famous yellow shirt can command higher fees on the transfer market.

That led me to think of Scheidt. Nothing, I should hasten to add, other than the fact he was rubbish and yet played three times for Brazil, suggests that Scheidt’s call up was underhand or questionable in any way.

But it wouldn’t be a surprise if we heard more such reports.

As Romario said: “The president of Sport had the courage to go public and prove what we’ve been hearing for a long time: the national team is a cartel.”