I am not the only one disgusted by the antics of Brazil’s – and not just Brazil’s – politicians. (As I said here last month.)

But sometimes even I am staggered by their disregard for public opinion, basic decency and common sense.

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies today elected an evangelical pastor as president of its Human Rights and Minorities Commission.

Electing a religious fanatic to such a sensitive position would be bad enough.

But this particular religious fanatic is also a racist and a homophobe. (And here he is in a sinister video browbeating churchgoers into donating money to his Assembleia de Deus church.)

Marco Feliciano not only insulted blacks on his twitter feed last year, he also said that homosexuality led to hate and crime and defended the “curing” of gay people.

Everyone has the right to their opinion, no matter how insane it might be.

But electing a racist and homophone head of the Human Rights and Minorities Commission? It would be funny if it were not so predictably tragic.