NeymarHere’s this week’s Time magazine with Neymar on the cover. The title is The Next Pelé and it is already getting flak.

That’s understandable. I’d have added a question mark. Neymar isn’t the next Pelé, certainly not yet.

As my friend, Brazilian football writer Fernando Duarte very reasonably pointed out, Neymar is just the first Neymar. No one can really hope to equal Pelé.

But there’s the clue to this week’s headline. Last year, Time did a cover piece on Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. The title that time around was just as controversial. It said Messi was “possibly the best of all time.”

Time want to sell magazines. They want people to talk about their story. There’s no surer way to make that happen than by calling Neymar the Next Pelé.