Felipao is the favourite, with Tite and Muricy strong contenders.

But the man many Brazilians would like to see as new manager has indicated he would drop everything and come to Brazil if given the chance to lead the five-times World Cup winner into the next tournament on home soil.

“The only team in the world that I would start managing tomorrow is Brazil,” Pep Guardiola told Lance newspaper today.

The message was relayed to Lance! from Guardiola via one of his friends, the paper said.

The friend didn’t waste any time in adopting a quintessentially Brazilian optimism (or cockiness). The former Barcelona manager “will lead Brazil to the World Cup if he is appointed manager, you can tell that to the president of the CBF” he said.

Guardiola left Barcelona at the end of last season and vowed to take a year out. He has so far been true to his word and has turned down all overtures from club sides.

But this message to Brazil seems clear.

The question is whether Brazil has the courage to plump for a foreign coach. He obviously has the track record.

But would the CBF be comfortable with such a thoughtful and professional coach? Look at the press conference to announce Mano Menezes’ sacking. Can anyone see the CBF at home with an urbane guy like Guardiola?

There’s also the fact that Brazil remains a staunchly nationalist, and in many ways, closed country. Hiring a foreigner to lead the team at their home World Cup would be unthinkable to many. Perhaps not to the average fan, who has a more worldy view of the game, but certainly to the octogenarians who run the CBF.

I still think they were wrong to sack Mano Menezes given that his team was starting to come good. They really need a sure fire name to take them into 2014.

Guardiola would be one.