FIFA revealed its 10 candidates for Goal of the Year today. See quick versions of them all here:

That youtube link has only partial versions of the goals, such as Neymar’s spectacular dribbled goal against Inter, in which he takes the ball from his own half, beats four men then dinks it over the goalie.

The FIFA site has longer links to them all, and here’s Neymar’s.

The other goal that stand out for me is one I’d never seen before by Gaston Mealla of Nacional Potosi in Bolivia.  I had to watch it three or four times to really see what he did.

And then there’s Messi’s Goal against Brazil from June or July. That one to me has to be the contender, partly because of the environment and the opposition (although what were the midfielders doing??!?).

To me, the real great goals embody individual brilliance and teamwork. In the words of the Guardian’s Rob Smythe, “any hairy arsed chancer can get lucky from 30 yards.”

Having said that there are a few great strikes, including one from Olivia Jimenez of Mexico against Switzerland:

So, my three favourites, in no particular order: Neymar, Messi and Jimenez.

You can cast your vote HERE.