And so it begins…

Lawmakers in Curitiba have announced they will launch an official investigation into allegations of overcharging during reforms of the Atlético Paranaense stadium to be used in the World Cup.

Local news reported that a company owned by the son of the club’s president won the contract to provide 43,981 seats for the stadium, even though his estimate was 13 percent above that of a rival bidder.

Authorities said they also wanted to know why construction on new bus lanes has stopped.

“Public money that is being invested has to leave a legacy for the population, not go down the drain because of bad management,” said Fabio Camargo, the state deputy leading the inquiry in the Parana state legislature.

The decision comes a week after the Parana state accounts court decided to investigate allegations public money is being used to fund the privately owned stadium.

This is the first congressional inquiry into World Cup spending so far. I am certain it won’t be the last. Look for more such investigations at both a state and federal level in the months and years to come.