The naming of the World Cup ball is a piece of commercial nonsense.

But at least fans have a say.

Adidas yesterday released the short-list for the name of the ball to be used in 2014 and fans can vote for their preference at this site. Voting ends Sept. 2

The three choices are Carnavalesa, Bossa Nova and Brazuca.

Quick and dirty translations are as follows:

– Carnavalesca is someone who enjoys, plans, participates in carnival.

– Bossa Nova is a cool samba-jazzy style of music that emerged from Rio in the 1960s.

– Brazuca is a slang (and friendly) name for a Brazilian.

I bet Brazuca wins.

Hard to believe but they’ve been at this since 1970. Some names are more memorable than others. The tango and the telstar are classics. But who remembers the Questra or the Fevernova?

Here’s the full list.

South Africa 2010, Jabulani
Germany2006, Teamgeist
Japan and South Korea 2002, Fevernova
France 1998, Tricolore
United States 1994, Questra
Italy 1990, Etrusco Unico
México 1986, Azteca
Spain 1982, Tango España
Argentina 1978, Tango
West Germany 1974, Telstar
México 1970, Telstar