Having painfully missed out on the chance to win its first Olympic gold, you’d think Brazil would circle the wagons and take the positives from a campaign that was going perfectly until the final 2-1 reverse against Mexico.

But what did the CBF do today?

It put out a statement on its web site blaming young Man Utd full back Rafael for the defeat.

“Right back Rafael knows he made a mistake that led to the first Mexican goal in the Olympic football final in the London 2012 Games,” the statement said. “There’s no denying it. Nevertheless, with his skill and determination, the young No. 2 can’t be tainted by the error.”

“Mistakes are for correcting. Rafael knows that. Later,  when things have calmed down, he will surely look at the move and learn from it. At the end of the day, as the saying goes, to err is human and we learn from our mistakes.”

Way to go, CBF. Blame the kids. You are, after all, above any blame yourself.