Former World Cup winning striker Bebeto yesterday joined Ronaldo on the committee that is organising the 2014 World Cup.

(Read more details in my Reuters piece here.)

Why he was chosen for the job was not explained. What is clear is that there are now two former players with little organising experience preparing Brazil to host one of the biggest sporting events on the globe. It’s an odd decision to put it mildly.

The selection of a first time state deputy to one of football’s big jobs is also interesting for the way it pits Bebeto against his former strike partner Romario.

The deadly duo led Brazil to World Cup glory in 1994 and were famous for this celebration (above right), after Bebeto scored in the epic quarter final win over Holland. Bebeto made the famous gesture to celebrate the birth of his daughter, born shortly before the match.

(Here’s the official list of all Bebeto’s games and goals for the national side.)

Now, the two men will be at odds. Bebeto backed Ricardo Teixeira, the controversial CBF chief who hired him, while Romario has been one of Teixeira’s most outspoken critics.

Romario blames Teixeira for the terrible way Brazil has prepared for the tournament. Stadiums were slow to get started and are over budget and infrastructure, particularly airports, is a mess.

It will be interesting to see if the two strikers, not to mention Ronaldo, who appears dreadfully unaware politically, will clash in their new roles.

Watch this space.