Here’s the new Brazil strip, launched today by Nike just one year after it launched the last new Brazil strip.

The desperate attempt to make this version different from the last one means it has broad green cuffs.

They’ve thankfully taken away the green bar across the chest, which was last year’s attempt to make it different.

The national team will wear the strip for the first time on Feb. 28 when they play Bosnia-Herzegovina. The match will take place in Switzerland.

Nike’s marketing team don’t seem to have cottoned on yet, which is odd as marketing is what they’re good at. The Nike web site still features the old strip.

They haven’t mucked about when naming their price, though. A shirt exactly the same as that worn by the players is to cost 239.00 reais, or $137, while a cheaper version will be available for 189.90 reais, or $108.

Here’s a pic of manager Mano Menezes holding the new shirt. Unsurprisingly, he approves. “It’s more traditional,” he said, “and I like more traditional.”