We’re only here for the beer.

That’s not something you’ll hear tourists saying about Brazil.

I don’t touch the stuff myself but connoisseurs (and lushes) tell me Brazilian beer is weak, fizzy and crap. Maybe that’s the reason so many people drink it on the beach in the morning.

But beer is one of the thorny issues that separate FIFA and the Brazilian government as they prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

Why, I hear you ask, would FIFA and Brazil be fighting over beer?It’s all explained here in my Financial Times blog.

Beer is no stranger to controversy in the World Cup. In 2010, South African police arrested 36 Dutch girls who wore orange dresses given to them by the Bavaria beer company and accused them of ambush marketing.

Another company had the rights to sell beer inside the stadium and they thought the girls were trying to get round that by drawing attention to themselves. (As if 36 stunning blondes in short dresses wouldn’t already be drawing attention to themselves.) The dresses didn’t even bear Bavaria’s logo.

But here’s a photo so you can see for yourselves (purely for journalistic reasons, of course)…