São Paulo’s city council has just voted to make the third Sunday in December “Heterosexual Pride Day.”

I ask you, don’t these people have better things to do with their time?

It’s not as if the city doesn’t have more pressing issues to deal with. As I note in my Christian Science Monitor piece:

The biggest metropolis in the southern hemisphere with more than 20 million people, São Paulo suffers from chronic air and noise pollution, has some of the world’s most notorious traffic jams, and is “home” to thousands of street people who roam the often freezing city center.

It has inadequate rail, metro, and road links; faces devastating floods each year due to the lack of investment in infrastructure; and is in danger of missing out on the 2014 World Cupbecause its preparations are so far behind schedule.

Oh, and 260 gays, transvestites and lesbians were killed last year in Brazil, 23 of them in São Paulo. That’s more than twice the number killed in 2007.

No one has yet been killed for being straight.