Ricardo Teixeira doesn’t give many interviews but when he does, they’re worth waiting for.

The all-powerful head of the Brazilian Football Confederation and the man in charge of organizing the next World Cup allowed Piauí magazine to accompany him to Switzerland last month for the election of FIFA’s president.

The resulting profile is one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve read in years.

Teixeira hates the press but reporter Daniela Pinheiro put her considerable charm to work and simply let him talk.

He couldn’t resist and her piece has a dozen delicious anecdotes and quotes from the man who could well succeed Sepp Blatter as the most powerful man in football.

Teixeira, who has been head of the CBF since 1989, has resolved not to run for president again when his current term ends in 2015.

The article closes with this quote (my translation):

“In 2014, I can get up to whatever nastiness I want. The most excessive, unthinkable, most Machiavellian nastiness. (Like) not giving out credentials, (like) restricting access, (like) changing kick off times. And you know what will happen if I do? Nothing. And you know why? Because I’ll be gone in 2015. And that’s that.”

The piece is now available online to subscribers and in English too. It is a must for anyone interested in football or great journalism.