Following on from last month’s blog about Brazilians getting fatter, the country’s statistics institute has just released a report that contains some of the reasons why.

I outline some of those reasons in my Financial Times blog today. (I’m not responsible for the rather cheeky picture of Ronaldo accompanying it.)

There’s no major surprises in the IBGE study (which can be found here in Portuguese).

Simply put, Brazilians are eating less fresh fruit and vegetables and replacing their staples of rice and beans with beer, soft drinks and ready made meals. It’s a trend seen all over the world.

Of course, much of this is thanks to the country’s economic boom. More people have more money. That’s obviously a welcome development for people who struggled to get by.

However, the down side is that it has fostered a growing obesity problem. Today, almost half of Brazilian men are overweight and more than half of women are.