Maybe because I don’t specialize in economic coverage, I’ve never met Eike Batista, Brazil’s richest man.

But I’ve written a little bit about him. It’s hard not to write about a man who is a journalist’s dream. (See a short piece today I did for the Financial Times.)

Batista is flamboyant and charming and always ready to offer up stories, as my friend Adriana Brasileiro recounts so well in this 2008 profile.

He met his first wife at his bachelor party, when she turned up as the stripogram and convinced him to call off the ceremony.

He keeps a sports car in his front room (as you can see here on 60 Minutes, part of a larger piece on Brazil that aired last night).

His companies all end with an X because he believes it simplifies growth or multiplication.

He is also a well-known philanthropist, and especially loves giving to causes in his home town of Rio de Janeiro.

Batista is undeniably unusual, but more importantly he is also fun and thanks to his brilliant business sense, ridiculously successful. He’s the world’s eighth richest man.

More power to him and the eccentrics of the world.