Reporters without Borders today released its annual report in which it rates countries by how free their press is.

Unsurprisingly, the northern European nations of Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland share first place. The whole report is available for download here.

Brazil jumped 12 places over last year and ended up in 58th spot. The report said:

“Brazil can now be added to the countries with improved rankings already observed in the South Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay). The Latin American giant owes its better position to a decline in incidents of serious violence – which had previously been undermining certain regions – and to some pledges to fight against impunity in certain affairs.

“It also owes its improved ranking to favourable legislative changes in matters relating to access of information and editorial freedom, such as the reaffirmation of the right to caricaturise in an election period (which I blogged about here back in August.)

“Lastly, Brazil is one of the world’s most active Internet communities. The situation there would be better still if preventive censorship measures were not being imposed on certain media outlets.”

Kudos to Brazil. Keep it up…