Monocle are shifting their attention to São Paulo.

Nine months after the magazine wrote a special section about Rio de Janeiro, two writers came to South America’s biggest city to anchor a similar section.

I’ve written a few stories for the Monocolumn from São Paulo, this about the floods that besieged the city in January and this about the city’s expanding metro system.

And I got involved with the special section last week, writing reviews on the best bars and restaurants, suggesting top shops and hot chefs and reviewing some of the most important businesses in the city.

The format will be similar to that of the Rio section and I am covering much of the same topics.

Choosing restaurants was made easier because I’d done a similar thing last year for the Wall Street Journal. I hung out with Veja’s Restauranteur of the Year Paulo Barroso de Barros, the chef and owner at Due Cuochi, and we visited his 10 favourite restaurants (see my blog here with links to the Journal piece).

I am also writing about Embraer, which I’ve covered a few times recently for the Financial Times, including this piece for their Aerospace report.

And of course, this being Brazil, there’s an obligatory piece about football, which is always easy, and a pleasure, to cover.

The section is scheduled to come out in a couple of months.