Here’s one more story, I’m sure not my last, on the 2014 World Cup logo. I wrote here about the design when it was leaked to the press back in June. Not everybody liked it.

Now, a group of Brazilian designers have gone further and formally criticised it as “clumsy and unfinished.” (See their statement here in Portuguese.)

I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s simple, yes, a bit infantile maybe, but I’ve always thought the actual World Cup is a gorgeous bit of sculpture and I like the green and gold hands motif copying that.

What I did think was pertinent was their criticism of the way the design was chosen. i.e. by questionable celebrities with even more questionable taste. The cult of celebrity has gone waaaaaaay too far (as if we didn’t know) when people like Ivete Sangalo, Paulo Coelho and Gisele Bundchen are among those consulted on the design.

The main criticism has been that there was no public participation in the choice.

It’s not unusual to see this, I remember the same thing happened with the London Olympic symbol and that was a mess too.

A competition organized by the BBC to find an alternative to this produced several better ones and one clear winner (see more, including a photograph here), although the organisers stubbornly stuck with their own design – surprise, surprise.

Brazilian critics rightly accuse the government and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) of dictatorial decisions. Anyone who has had any dealings with the CBF know it is one of the most arrogant and venal organizations in Brazil. I’ve not found one more frustrating to deal with during my entire decade here.

I have no doubt the CBF will ignore the critics and adopt the same tack as London They know best and screw what anyone else thinks. And, needless to say, screw transparency.