The search is on to find a new Brazil manager to replace Dunga.

There are plenty coaches to choose from but talent and a proven record of success are not the criteria used by the all-powerful CBF boss Ricardo Teixeira.

According to several sites, there are five men on the short list (see the reported list here).

One thing is clear: Teixeira will choose someone he can manipulate. He wants his own man.

Luiz Felipe Scolari is not a classic yes man but he does have a good working history with Teixeira and the media, which is crucial given the need to repair that relationship following Dunga’s bitter battles with the press.

However, Scolari was quoted in this LA Times blog this morning as saying he can’t consider any offer until 2012. That’s very smart. Scolari would love to lead Brazil at home in 2014. If he takes it now, that gives him two more years to screw up.

I think Teixeira wil do what he did four years ago. In 2006, he appointed Dunga as a stop gap. The idea was that Dunga would take over and get a chance to show what he could do. If he did well, he’d continue. If he was rubbish, a replacement would be brought in and still have a year or two to prepare for the World Cup.

Dunga did well, winning the Copa America and was kept on. (He also won the Confederations Cup and had an excellent record overall.)

This time around, Texeira will go down the same road. He will appoint someone younger and more maleable and perhaps even someone untested, as Dunga was.

Maybe it will be Leonardo, maybe it will be Gomes. But whoever it is, he’ll have Scolari waiting in the wings for 2014.