FIFA have just revealed the logo they will use for the 2014 World Cup and I have to say, it’s not too shabby.

More details here in Portuguese on UOL and also here on the fantastic site Copa2014.

When I saw the headline and heard that celebrities had helped choose the winning design my heart sank. After all, since when were Paulo Coelho and Ivete Sangalo considered bastions of taste?

But the design is simple, quite Brazilian (note how they use Brazil with a Z and not an S) and classic in the sense that it’s at least closely identifiable with the Cup itself. Just look at this phallic London Olympics mascot for an example of a something that is just ridiculous.

It reminds me of this table I saw last week about iconic logos and design agencies and how some of the best designs cost nothing and how some of the worst cost fortunes. And vice versa.

I think they’ve done a decent job here. I wonder how much they paid for it…