I was flipping through the papers today and saw two quotes that I feel are worth sharing here.

The first is a fairly straightforward quote that sums up the problems facing Haiti as it seeks to reforest. Deforestation has been a chronic problem for Haiti and the country now only has about 2 percent of its original tree cover left. The quote was in Andres Oppenheimer’s column in the Miami Herald.

“If you calculate realistic planting activities by year, if they had a good forestry department it would take 44 years to reach a forest cover of 10 percent of the country,” said FAO forestry expert Walter Kollert. “That tells you something about the magnitude of the problem.”

The second relates to Brazil and how Brazilians see the US. The quote comes from Jose Geraldo Couto and is in Mais, a weekly supplement of Folha de Sao Paulo that is supposed to be the place for longer and more thoughtful  pieces. But he says this (and the translation is mine):

“As everyone knows, many Americans, perhaps the majority, think that to like sex is to have some kind of disease.”

Couto writes about football and cinema and is usually a fairly thoughtful kind of commentator. But this is pretty unbelievable. It is graphic proof of just how little even intelligent Brazilians know and understand the US.