Monocle’s Rio special came out and as promised, here is the list of the city’s best bars.

Monocle printed 10 but one (or more) of my erstwhile colleagues who parachuted into Rio to help write the report snuck Bar Lagoa on there (they erroneously called it Bar da Lagoa but that’s not what is important).

Bar Lagoa has lime green walls and the main cuisine is German. The waiters are notorious for being rude and the front looks onto the busy road running round the lagoon. It’s not Top 10 material, and is certainly not better than the Jobi, to my mind the best boteco in the city.

Academia de Cachaca is also a long way from being a great bar. It does have a wide range of cachaças, something that few bars bother to have, but it’s essentially a few tables and chairs laid out at the entrance to a grotty shopping mall. It’s not pretty and the service leaves much to be desired.

The others are all great. Here they are, with why I think they deserve a place on the list.

Londra, for the decor and the beautiful people
Braseiro da Gavea, for the flirting and the best chips in Brazil
Academia da Cachaca
Meza Bar, because it’s chic and yet not snobby
Bar Urca, for the views over the Guanabara Bay
Trapiche Gamboa, for the samba and the beautiful old mansion that is its home
Palaphita Kitch, for the views and the sunsets across the Lagoa
Venga!, for the tapas and the great atmosphere
The Maze, the favela jazz in unique surroundings
Bar Lagoa