Come on, people!

Only one bid so far for this beautiful painting. It’s worth way more than $1000 so I am asking you once again to pass this on to rich friends, arty types, anyone who might be interested or anyone who knows someone who might be interested in owning true Haitian art.

Let’s get the bidding going at $1250.

Whoever buys this won’t just get a bargain and a stunning work of art. They will join an exclusive group of lovers of Haitian art.

Jackie Onassis bought Haitian art. Iggy Pop loves it and has many pieces. Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme is a huge collector and a keen backer of young Haitian artists.

This painting is by Prospere Pierre-Louis, one of the great naïf painters of recent times. Pierre-Louis’s father was a houngan or voodoo priest and voodoo has greatly influenced his work.

He is so highly rated that a painting of his adorns the cover of Selden Rodman’s wonderful book Where Art is Joy, the definitive guide to Haitian painting.

Remember, Prospere Pierre-Louis died in 1997 so the value of this painting can only rise.

Send emails with bids to:

I will not take a penny from this sale. All proceeds to go the Haiti relief fund.