ACCA magazine

Brazil is more in the news than ever thanks to its solid economic performance in the wake of the global economic downturn. Lula is telling anyone who will listen that Brazil was last in and first out of the recession.

China might disagree with that self-serving assessment but there is no doubt that Brazil is doing well and is brimming with confidence.

It’s hard to know if that higher profile is the reason I’ve been getting more work recently but the last few months have been busy.

Part of that has been down to big breaking stories such as Rio winning the Olympics and the Sean Goldman case.

But magazines and newspapers who previously ignored Brazil are starting to pay more attention to it. Indicative of this is Accounting and Business, the magazine of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

They last year asked me to write a number of articles about Brazil, the first in a series they are doing on the BRIC nations. (The whole magazine has just come out and is online here; the Brazil reports start on page 19.)

There was one technical piece based around Brazil’s phasing in this year of new IFRS international accounting standards. But most it was basic stuff introducing the country and its economy to outsiders.

It’s a good sign for Brazil that such publications feel the need to give it the attention it has long deserved. And it’s good news for me. Long may Brazil’s rise continue.