I will sell this beautiful painting by Prospere Pierre-Louis, one of Haiti’s best-known artists, and give all proceeds to the Haiti Disaster Fund through Direct Relief International.

I bought it in 1994 for $250. Smaller paintings of his sell online for well over $1000, as at this site and this one. Anyone willing to donate more than that to Disaster Relief can have the piece. I will take it from the frame and ship it. I will not take a penny from this sale.

The painting is 33” x 25” and was painted in 1994.

Living in Haiti in the 1990s under military rule was tough. There was nothing to do at night, other than visit the few surprisingly good restaurants. Now and again there were concerts and voodoo ceremonies but most nights were spent reading by candlelight.

One distraction was art. Every foreigner in Haiti seemed to have some paintings by local artists and I got into it, visiting galleries and getting to know the owners. I even visited Prospere Pierre-Louis himself at his studio in the mountains. I bought this piece from him personally one Saturday morning.

Prospere Pierre-Louis was one of the most influential and best-known artists in recent Haitian history. He led the Saint Soleil movement and was prolific until his death in 1997 aged just 50.

Although I have moved countries and cities since leaving Haiti, this painting has hung on my wall wherever I went, along with two or three other smaller pieces of his. It’s a striking work that always gets a comment and will dominate any room.

Please get in touch if you are interested in helping or if you know someone who might want to own this beautiful work of art while helping Haiti recover from this unspeakable disaster. I  can give more details about the painting or shipping on request.