I had my doubts about David Goldman’s sincerity and those doubts were accentuated this week when the father of 9-year old Sean called on the boy’s step father to pony up $500,000 in expenses incurred during the five-year fight to get his son back.

Goldman was reunited with his son last week and took him to the US to restart their life together.

But instead of concentrating on bonding with his son and crucially, mending relations with the people who looked after him for most of his young life, Goldman is going after the Brazilian family’s money.

It is a cheap, pathetic and misguided stunt and one that can only drive a further wedge between the two warring families. Sergio Tostes, lawyer for the Brazilian step family, said the move “showed Goldman’s true character” and it is hard to argue with that.

Once again, I pity poor Sean.