I wanted to make one last comment on the Sean Goldman case following a conversation I had with the lawyer for Sean’s American dad David.

David Goldman’s lawyers rarely spoke with journalists throughout this case, preferring to let either David speak on camera, or allowing Chris Smith, his Congressman, to do the talking for him.

But moments after Sean and David’s plane took off his lawyer Marcos Ortiz called me. What he told me made me cringe for Sean.

According to Ortiz, David offered to pick up Sean at the grandmother’s condominium to avoid a scene at the consulate. The step family agreed, on the condition that the grandmother accompany them on the flight out. (The same grandmother who made public the supposed letter Sean wrote to the president asking to stay in Brazil forever, and the same grandmother behind at least one of the appeals to the Supreme Court.)

When David Goldman said he did not want that woman on the flight – understandably given that her attacks were the most outspoken – the step family threw their toys out the pram. They told Goldman’s lawyers that without that concession they’d deliver Sean on foot to the consulate.

“We were very worried as we knew there’d be a lot of people outside,” Ortiz told me. “We asked for them not to do that. The consulate told them the doors to the garage would be open and that they could bring him in quietly. What you saw on television, those images, that was all down to the decision by the mother’s family and their lawyers.”

So the step family, the ones that cared enough for Sean to fight years of court battles to keep him, knowingly made him walk that gauntlet of press outside the consulate because they never got their own way.

It made me think that whatever kind of dad David Goldman turns out to be, the kid is best off out of here.